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A Touch of Sarechal in Beverly Hills

February 2014, Beverly Hills, CA - In the 1950's Sarechal was the center of our universe, and in the very center of Sarechal was the home of Uncle Ayoub, his wife Sani Khanom, and their 6 children. You entered their home from the roof and went 3 levels down to get to the kitchen. Nowadays the youngest of the children, Cousin Massoud "Ben" Shaool lives high up in Beverly Hills. Last weekend, in the sparkling kitchen of his luxurious mansion he prepared two Sarechal specialties, Sirabi and Torshi. Sirabi was our preferred daily breakfast in Sarechal. It is a soup made from sheep or cow's stomach, feet, tongue, etc. which cooks overnight and is ready in time for breakfast. Torshi are pickled vegetables, a great accompaniment to any meal.

Click on a photo to see it in larger format:

Sirabi Pot The Group The Soup
Chef Massoud with his pot of Sirabi.
At breakfast enjoying the Sirabi. At the table: Shahroch, Eshagh, Massoud, Shirley Khanom and Johnny. Standing: Shadan, Elham and Shahin Khanom.

Here it is, the final product. Yum!!

Pckling Ingredients Ben Pickling
Torshi students Rose Shaoul and
Shahin Khanom survey the
main Torshi ingredients which
include 18 heads of cauliflower
Torshi Master Massoud in action. He produced 23 large jars of Torshi, which he plans to give to friends in the community.